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  • Immediate quote provided.
  • Low rates guaranteed.
  • Premium financing available.
  • Bond is electronically filed with the CA Contractors Board.
  • No additional paperwork required.


We have an exclusive program which does NOT require a personal credit check or financial disclosure for approval of these bonds! Two year premium is $2,000.  Applicants will simply need to satisfactorily meet our underwriting criteria when applying for the bond. 


Welcome to The Bond Exchange & Insurance Agency. Providing a full range of surety bonds including; Construction Bonds, License and Permit Bonds, DMV Bonds, and Court Bonds.

License and Permit Bonds

The Bond Exchange provides license, permit and other miscellaneous commercial surety bonds to meet the various City, County, State, and other municipality requirements. We are licensed to provide surety bond nationwide and our dedicated staff of knowledgeable experts have studied the thousands of state by state bond requirements. This provides The Bond Exchange the ability to guarantee a simple, immediate and cost effective solution to an often confusing bond obligation.

DMV Bonds

The Bond Exchange offers the lowest rates on all types of DMV bonds. Our expert team will help guide you through the often confusing requirements of the DMV licensing departments. The Bond Exchange has internal authority to provide instant approval on many different type of DMV bonds and can provide quotes within 24 hours on all bonds. Please visit our DMV Bonds Page for more information on specific bonds.

Contractor Bonds

The Bond Exchange specializes in assisting contractors of all sizes with their bid, performance and payment bond needs. The Bond Exchange has over 30 years of combined experience in the construction surety industry and is appointed with over 30 surety markets, which allows us to provide the most competitive bond programs and rates for our contractors. Please visit our Contractor Section to learn more about how  we can assist your company.

Top 20 Bonds 

10. Lost Trust Deed Bond

Bad Credit California Contractor License Bond - Special Programs

The Bond Exchange is currently offering a special rate for California Contractor License Bonds. We are able to offer a rate of $995 for a one year term for contractors that have received a quote of $1,334 from other brokers. Please visit the Contractor License Bond Page and submit your application today!

The Bond Exchange is also able to offer rates using a co-signer on the application. The rate for the bond will be determined by the personal credit of the co-signer and not the contractor. A simple application is needed in addition to the standard contractor license application and a quote for the bond will be provided within one business of receiving the application. Please contact our office for futher information regarding this program.