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The Bond Exchange and Insurance Agency has over 40 years of experience in the surety bond industry. Let us assist you in addressing and questions, comments or concerns you might have regarding your bond needs.

What Our Clients Say....
"I have been doing business with your company for several years and I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how pleased I am with your service.  The staff is always very professional and courteous and I am very impressed with their efficiency and promptness in handling my very need."

- Sandi Ortiz, Pinnacle Estate Properties

Choosing a Reputable Bond Broker & Surety Company

No matter how large or small your surety  bond needs might be, selecting a reliable and reputable bond broker and surety company is vital to ensuring the delivery of solutions that meet your short and long term goals and bond needs.  With regard to your surety broker, the first item one should consider is if their broker is properly licensed.  Some insurance and surety brokers are only licensed in a limited number of states.  Click on State Licensing to access The Bond Exchange’s state by state licensing detail here on our web site.  Furthermore, you may consult each states licensing division by visiting to ensure all licenses are valid and active.  

The second consideration would be to evaluate the market representation of your surety broker.  Should they have access to a limited number of bonding company’s, chances are they will not have the ability to provide an optimal bonding solution at a competitive rate.  The Bond Exchange is appointed by over 35 surety company’s, each with diverse underwriting guidelines and rates.  Visit TBE Surety Appointments to access a list of the markets with which we hold power of attorney.  Our brokers are well versed in matching each client’s bond needs with the most suitable surety partner to ensure optimal approval conditions at a competitive premium rate.  

Lastly, your surety bond broker should possess an in depth knowledge of the surety industry as it is greatly diverse to standard insurance product lines.  In fact, most insurance brokers  write only a small amount of surety based business and have little experience in the state by state bond requirements.  The Bond Exchange’s sole product line is surety bonds.  Our long standing history and reputation as a surety specializing agency provides us a superior level of expertise.  

Upon purchasing a surety bond, it is important that your bond broker place the policy with a surety of good standing in the industry.  The Bond Exchange holds power of attorney with over 25 of the largest surety bond writers in the United States.  We welcome inquiries regarding the surety company with which your bond is being placed.  We assure all clients that their bonds will be issued by state admitted surety company’s, that they are federally treasure listed and possess a superior A. M. Best financial strength rating.